Get Ready To Rock The Dance Floor

Have you ever dreamt of being part of your very own Bollywood musical? Transform your dreams into perfect reality with Bollywood dance classes from Bollywood Dreams Entertainment. We will put on a show which will turn your event into a Bollywood musical. Your friends and family will together put on a wondrous spectacle much like the scenes from your favorite films.

Your chance to dance like a Bollywood film star!

There are no limits to the kind of Bollywood dance classes we can put on for you and your guests. We teach Bollywood dancing based on genuine Indian culture not only for weddings, but any kind of party you need. We’re talking about costumes of every color under the rainbow, songs which course through your very veins, and dancing which gets your body moving and popping like there’s just no stopping.

Interactive and fun dance lessons

Unlike other providers, we have an energetic, passionate and magnificent performance with a world class dance troupe who are ready to turn you, your family and your friends into stars with as much passion and dancing skill as THEM. We make use of the highest quality equipment & our attention to detail to every aspect of your event is impeccable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re arranging something for the most sophisticated wedding imaginable or the silliest Bachelorette party imaginable; we can put on any event for whatever your needs may be.

Contact us now to book your dance lesson or join our weekly Portland dance lessons for an opportunity to be a part of our Jai Ho! Dance Troupe and perform at dance parties.

If you want to give someone a great surprise, this is your chance to showcase your bollywood dancing and leave the crowd speechless.

Charismatic performer DJ Prashant & his Dance Troupe are always available for wedding dance party lessons, bachelorette parties & other occasions.

These are interactive dance lessons which envelop you in the world of Bollywood. It’s time to transform yourself into your favorite star by stepping into a dance-fueled world of endless possibilities. Maybe you were inspired by your favorite films when you were young, and you always dreamed that you could be your favorite star. Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream any more.

It can be a reality with us here at Bollywood Dreams Entertainment.

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