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Come… Fall In Love!

Bollywood Dreams Entertainment and DJ Prashant presents….

A Bollywood Dream

Get ready to experience a clash of cultures between timeless traditions & modern influences on 1990s India as seen through the lens of contemporary Bollywood Films. With 20+ dancers from the Jai Ho! Dance Troupe & cast, DJ Prashant recreates a quintessential 90s Bollywood story with music & dance, and just like any great Indian party there will be dancing afterwards open to all attendees. Prashant along with his dancers and instrumentalists will take you on an interactive adventure culminating in Jai Ho! from Slumdog Millionaire.
August 19 & 20, 2018 @7:30 PM
Dance Party:
August 19 & 20, 2018 – After the show!
Portland Center Stage at The Armory
128 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Press Release:

A Bollywood Dream comes to 

Portland Center Stage at The Armory Theater

Electrifying Dance extravaganza and theatrical  narrative

“A Bollywood Dream” Comes to The Armory Theater in Portland OR for a 2-night run to bring the joyful glee of Bollywood music to the Rose City. 

The timelessness and urgency of live theater is one art form where some of the most important topics and ideas are being presented.  Cue “A Bollywood Dream” the new dance, musical and crowd participatory stage show helmed by dancer, instructor, writer and director Prashant Kakad.  “A Bollywood Dream” doesn’t rely on much of the flare and flashiness that most modern entertainment drolls out, but more so on organic human reaction to the here and now.  

Thematically influenced by the common tropes within the hugely popular Indian cinema style of Bollywood, the new dance spectacle by Kakad takes decades worth of cultural dance study and technique and puts it into a narrative journey that is electric and palpable to the audience by using universal messages of love and struggle. Set amidst the bustle and wide eyed wonderment of the 1990’s, “A Bollywood Dream” thrusts the audience into the busy streets and highly animated scenes of Hindi cinema, influenced by epic stories and emoting melodramas that define the largest film producing region in the world.  The musical is a crash course into cultural studies of both Hindi cinema and thousands of years of dance and movement art by way of the unassuming, yet breathtaking choreography presented by the two protagonists played by Brittany Newton and Suchit Kapur and an ensemble cast so lively and invigorating that the audience is drawn from their seats and up into the aisles joining in on the dancing and story.  

The costume design is another spectacle of the performance, as traditional Indian garb, wedding attire and bright and colorful linens and fabrics adorn the leads and ensemble, whirling on stage with a bright and bombastic combination of lights and music.  As is the common setting for most Hindi movies, “A Bollywood Dream” plays up and makes the audience comfortable with the grandiloquent storyline through use of smiles and charisma.  This is a show for the whole family that encourages the viewer to move and be comfortable with the jovial and ecstatic machinations of a Bollywood plot. 

“A Bollywood Dream” will see a 2 night run August 19-20 at the renown Armory Theater in Portland Oregon, tickets can be purchased online and are expected to sell out for both shows.  Come experience a true Indian cultural phenomenon and take a trip across time and genres without ever leaving the theater. 

Tickets on sale here: http://bit.ly/a_bollywood_dream 

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This highly anticipated production was held at the prestigious Hult Center of Performing Arts in Eugene, Oregon on April 28, 2018. It received positive critical response with a reviewer reporting in The Register Guard, “An enthusiastic audience at the Hult Center frequently participated in clapping along and even dancing in the aisles throughout the evening”.


“Vanguard for emerging cultural movement” – The Asian Reporter

TEDx Talk: http://youtu.be/TZQcjE2t-pM
MUSIC: http://djprashant.bandcamp.com
VIDEO: http://YouTube.com/dreamprashant
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/dreamprashant
NEWS: http://bit.ly/news_coverage

A one-of-a-kind Bollywood showman, Prashant is a singer, choreographer, composer & DJ with a simple agenda; to make people dance all night long to an irresistible blend of world’s greatest dance beats. Prashant’s effervescent personality & charisma instantly strikes a chord with audiences of all ages & backgrounds.

His DJ sets seamlessly transition between Bollywood, Bhangra, TOP40, Latin, Arabic, Carribean, 80s, 90s & other varied genres. An engaging fusion of interactive dancing & DJing in his show transforms any dance party into a full-fledged Bollywood musical within minutes. Through his energetic performances, Prashant has moved masses across both coasts of America, Costa Rica, Panama & India.


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