What is Bollywood Dreams?2017-07-12T07:56:24-07:00

Bollywood Dreams is a dynamic production house team focused on the creation of enticing, engaging & memorable Bollywood-Bhangra inspired music & dance events.

We were founded in 2010 by front-man DJ Prashant who spent first 21 years of his life in Mumbai, India.

We host the popular Jai Ho! Dance Parties across the west coast. To join the fun at a dance party near your city, click here.

What type of services do you offer?2018-02-13T12:13:29-07:00

We offer a range of services that allow you to choose what is best for you, your family, or your team.

DJ & MC:
We have rocked all kinds of events from Weddings, Corporate, Private, Cultural events, Retreats, Conferences, Festivals & more…

Interactive Dance Lessons:
Imagine Zumba meets Bollywood!

Dance Classes & Private Dance Lessons:
We offer weekly dance classes in Portland, as well as private dance lessons to impress a loved one or get jazzy at a special event!

Dance Performances:
Jai Ho! Dance Troupe is our semi-professional, vibrant dance group comprised of dancers from all ages, cultures & nationalities – united in their love for all things Bollywood. We love to perform!

What is the booking process?2017-07-12T07:58:11-07:00

The first step is to fill out our booking form here. We recommend contacting us a few months in advance to get your ideal date, however, we are always accepting of last-minute bookings and will try to work with you if we have entertainers available.

After filling out the form, we will contact you shortly with a quoted price for your event. Once accepted, weโ€™ll send you a contract and will need to receive a signed contract and 50% deposit within 7 business days. The deposit can be paid in cash (if in the local Portland area), check, or using PayPal. The deposit amount goes towards the total due at the end of your wedding or event. Weโ€™ll collect the remaining balance the week of the scheduled event.

What types of events do you specialize in?2017-07-04T02:10:00-07:00

We have seen it all! While a majority of our events tend to be weddings and corporate functions, we have hosted interactive dance lessons for schools, taught bachelorette choreographies & assisted others in creating and performing the ultimate Bollywood Flashmob. We are very open and flexible in working with you and making your event a dream perfected. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where can we “see you in action”?2017-07-12T08:00:24-07:00

Due to the nature of the business, we canโ€™t invite people to a clientโ€™s private event. However, we do hold our public dance parties (Jai Ho! Dance Party) regularly in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco & San Diego. If you are interested in getting a feel for our audience engagement and music style, please feel free to attend and introduce yourself to the team.

Alternatively you can also take a dance class with us in Portland.

Where can I read reviews and references?2017-07-12T08:01:06-07:00

We invite you to check out our online reviews on Facebook, Google & Yelp

to help you get a taste of our experience, style, and professionalism.

Do you travel for events?2017-07-04T02:12:16-07:00

Bollywood Dreams is located in Portland, OR, however, we do regularly travel to different cities across the United States (and sometimes even out of the country) to entertain for your event. Upon filling out the booking form, please make sure to list the location of the event and we will work with you for an additional fee.ย 

How can I attend your weekly dance classes?2017-07-12T08:02:40-07:00

If you are interested in learning Bollywood dance, we have a weekly class Wednesday evenings. Please refer to our event page for more information and schedule.

What kinds of music do you play & do you take requests?2017-07-04T02:16:29-07:00

Our DJ sets are for all occasions blending Bollywood, Bhangra and other regional dance music with TOP40, EDM, Latin & global tunes! We have an extensive knowledge of music of many different genres and do not exclusively play Bollywood & Bhangra tunes. We can play any and all types of music that you request. Weโ€™ll also send you a music timeline sheet to ensure that we will be prepared to play your songs on the day of the event. We encourage you to be as involved as you would like to be!

Do you provide music for wedding ceremonies?2017-07-04T02:17:18-07:00

Yes! We do. Please let us know if you have any specific requests and we can make sure to include those for your ceremony.

How do you mix the music?2017-07-04T02:19:29-07:00

All of our mixing is done live at the event once we get a feel for the audience and vibe of the event. We will definitely hold back on the nightclub tunes during a special toast or moment in the family.

What sound & lighting equipment do you offer?2017-07-04T02:21:58-07:00

If you have any questions about our sound and lighting equipment, please refer to our package information sheet HERE.

Will you bring an assistant?2017-07-04T02:28:01-07:00

Not usually. However, if you choose to book multiple services with us such as a group dance performance, or if you need an MC, we occasionally may have an extra person joining the DJ. Typically though, the event will be a one-person job.

What are your requirements for an event site?2017-07-04T02:29:31-07:00

The requirements are covered in detail in our contract, however in short, we need electricity, and a 3โ€™x6โ€™ DJ table that can be set up close to the dance floor.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?2017-07-04T02:31:50-07:00

Our DJs and performers always arrive on-site at least an hour before the contracted start time of the event. We can also arrive earlier as needed by the setup requirements of the site.