Indian Wedding DJ Street Procession

Indian Wedding DJ Prashant takes a wedding party to the streets of Downtown Portland – Bollywood style!

Check out this video from one of our unique and memorable weddings! Prashant not only performed at the couple’s reception, but led the Baraat – a traditional Indian procession – dancing through the streets of Downtown Portland!

Prashant reflected on the experience, “Bringing live music to the streets – which were blocked off for us! – reminded me of one of my favorite parts of being in India: the spontaneous dancing and celebrations that happen at a moment’s notice. It made me feel like I was a child again. Seeing people from all over the world come together for this wedding in vibrant and colorful Indian attire was a truly magical experience.”

If you are in need of entertainment for your Indian Wedding DJ Prashant is your best bet! We specialize in weddings with Bollywood & Bhangra flair, but can make any event you dream up come true!

Music: Kawa Kawa DJ Rink Remix – Bollygram 10th Edition



We believe music and dance transcend societal norms. We aspire to create beautiful, inclusive, and engaging high-energy events that bring people together, celebrating the best of life through shared connection.


An Indian-born first-generation immigrant, Prashant’s unique perspective as an Ivy League graduate and ex-Intel engineer turned DJ transforming American nightlife has inspired many South Asians who seek to pursue a life beyond their tech jobs.

Let DJ Prashant engineer your perfect event!