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Portland: United We Dance

By |2017-06-08T20:44:14+00:00June 24th, 2017|

You’ve enjoyed dancing to our Bollywood Music, now get ready for something new as we team up with DJ Paushi for United We Dance. You may have seen DJ Paushi of Ecuador supporting the traditional Afro-Mexican music of Colectivo Son Jarocho de Portland back in April. If you missed that, then make sure you don’t miss this!

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Dancing Yogis: A Summer Solstice Celebration

By |2017-06-11T05:32:38+00:00June 18th, 2017|

Join DJ Prashant and Jill Knouse for Dancing Yogis.As we move from the beautiful gentle buds of Spring into the bold extroversion of Summer, let’s symbolize this powerful transition with a CELEBRATION including two beloved movements from India.Yoga + BollywoodBecause…there’s plenty of “stuff” out there that could divide us. And, we’d like to focus on WHAT BRINGS US TOGETHER!

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PORTLAND: Let’s Dance For Equal Rights

By |2017-06-05T20:00:50+00:00June 9th, 2017|

Music & Dance transcend sexuality, gender, language, nationality & other labels. After getting groovy with Bollywood Disco tunes in May, Jai Ho! is back with a new dance party celebrating and welcoming everyone to the dance floor. This June as pride parades march across the United States, let's stand for equal rights and connect on the dance floor to celebrate our unity in diversity! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Human Rights Campaign.GET TICKETS HERE!

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